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Quick Background

The Far Northeast Next Steps Study is the NEXT STEP to real projects that benefit your community. Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will use your input to advance projects that meet your goals for safety, mobility and sustainability.

Far Northeast Planning Area

The Far Northeast planning area includes the neighborhoods of:

  • Montbello
  • Gateway-Green Valley Ranch
  • Denver International Airport neighborhood

Far Northeast is one of the only parts of Denver that still has significant amounts of undeveloped greenfield land. This area is likely to see an increase in the pace of development in the years ahead.

Did you know?

The Far Northeast Planning Area includes 10.8% of total Denver land area and 75,650 residents!

map of neighborhoods

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The Far NE Next Steps Study will identify the path forward for implementing transportation improvements in these areas.

What are we Studying?

How to improve mobility and connectivity within the community.

The Next Steps Study will indentify future projects and will create a strategy to prioritize which projects get built first.

This study builds off the ideas and strategies outlined in the Far Northeast Area Plan. This plan describes the community's vision for the next 20+ years.

Your input is already in action. Denver is building and designing projects based on previous plans and surveys. Take a look at the list on the right to learn more.

Study Timeline

We're nearing the finish line. We've identified projects and are in the process of prioritizing them.

We are currently in the public meeting stage to review the selected projects. Next we will prioritize and score them; develop a draft report; review prioritization and draft plan; then hold another public meeting to present the information. No dates or timeframes are provided.

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Project Prioritization Plan

Not every project can be implemented at the same time. Using this guide, we'll score projects and prioritize them accordingly.

Project Evaluation Categories Project Scoring Criteria
Growth Pressure How well will a project serve a growing area?
Safety Does this project address areas with safety issues?
Transportation Equity Does this project serve an area in need?
Climate Change & Resiliency Does this project increase tree canopy?
Does this project help cool urban heat islands?
How well does the project encourage taking transit, walking or biking instead of traveling by car?
Access to Destinations Does the project serve employment centers, schools, daycare centers, parks/recreation opportunities, healthcare facilities, grocery stores?
Does this project provide an area better access to a high quality of life? See Access to Opportunity in the Denver Blueprint.
Project Competitiveness for Funding How well will the project compete for limited transportation funding?
Stakeholder and Public Input What do community members want?
Constructability How easily can this project be built?
Ability to be packaged with other projects Can the project be combined with other road or other infrastructure projects?

Proposed Projects Overview

There are almost 90 projects being considered, but here are the basics.

52 miles

of bike facilities and trails to increase trail connectivity, improve safety and multimodal access, and provide low-stress bicycle connections.

42 miles

of transit projects to increase access to high-frequency transit, improve transit stop amenities, and provide vital connections within the community and to other areas of the City.

19 intersection

improvement projects to improve bicyclist and pedestrian comfort and safety and multimodal access to destinations throughout the area.

7 trail crossing

improvement projects to improve connectivity and bicyclist and pedestrian safety.

38 road projects

to calm traffic, provide comfortable multimodal connections, and reduce crashes among pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.

Interactive Project Map

Explore the projects on this interactive map. Select on a project and 'like' it by clicking on the heart icon. Click on the comment bubble icon to share your thoughts. This input will be used to prioritize future projects.

Tell us More

Tell us more about yourself and what you want to see in the Far NE.

Thank You!

Where do projects like this come from? Long-range planning efforts like Denver Moves Everyone 2050 that identify projects that advance our city’s values and help us achieve our goals. Denver Moves Everyone 2050 is a citywide plan identifying transportation solutions that will make it easier to get where we want to go.

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